Hit By His Pitch

I’ve been abandoned in Cooperstown, the home of baseball’s Hall of Fame. My fantasy date quickly turns into a nightmare. After a failed picnic lunch and an embarrassing fall, I find myself stranded and without a date at all.

Fate throws a curveball when retired baseball legend Tripp Shaneybrook steps up to the plate to save me, but I know he’s a player and I’m not about to be just another conquest of his that will end up on the front page of supermarket tabloids.

But the man doesn’t seem to understand that I don’t want his help. The harder I try to push him away, the closer he tries to get. But I don’t need a man to take care of me. I’m perfectly capable all on my own.

Except the longer I’m around Tripp, the more I like him and the more I want to bend the rules I’ve so carefully crafted to protect myself and my heart.

(Originally released as STEALING HOME)

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