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Sunset over Adirondack Mountains near Saranac Lake, NY

April 23, 2024

The Right Place (A “Write Place Retreat” Romance) 

An origin novella, set 20 years in the past.

Instalust inspires a curvy waitress to give her virginity to a take-charge forest ranger, but she insists on casual when he wants forever.

Darby Remington is on a mission. She has one year to turn the isolated Adirondack Great Camp she inherited into a writers’ retreat, or the property will revert to the state, the historic buildings razed, and the land itself will become “forever wild.” She seizes the opportunity to prove that she is capable of more than pouring coffee and serving up attitude at the local diner. But someone else has plans for the estate, and Darby is in their way.

When by-the-book Cameron Winehouse took an oath to protect and preserve, he never imagined his job would include an armful of sass with a backbone of steel.

While Darby fights to fulfill her dreams, Cam surrenders to his attraction, and as threats against her escalate, he vows to keep her safe—with or without her cooperation.

Caught between criminals trying to push her off the land and a seductive alpha male pulling her into a relationship, Darby must rely on her instincts—and learn to trust herself.

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Coming 4th Quarter 2024 

Snowed In: Heat Rises (A “Write Place Retreat” Romance) 

Chef Justine Macko has lost everything and is forced to take a job in a remote region of New York’s Adirondack Mountains while she reclaims herself. But a snowstorm sidelines her until she’s rescued by Meade Godwin, a romance author who is wildly successful under a secret pen name, but who is ready to move on to writing “real” books while trying to find his true self.

This story is for you if you like: forced proximity, stranded, secret identities, scars, domestic staff, fish out of water, professions, workplace, celebrities.

Coming 2nd Quarter 2025

Snowed In: Heat Transfers (A “Write Place Retreat” Romance)

Widowed mother of three teenage daughters, Talia Quinlan is a medical transcriptionist by day and a cozy mystery author by night. She’s treating herself to weekend writing retreat in order to finish her contracted book without the interruptions of parenting. Action-adventure author Moss Crockett’s transcriptionist resigned by text as he drove through a blizzard to his desperately needed retreat. He is determined to overcome the writer’s block that has prevented him from putting words on the page since his brother’s untimely death.

This story is for you if you like: forced proximity, stranded, professions, boss/boss-hole, widow, workplace, enemies-to-lovers, scar, differently-abled hero.

Coming 4th Quarter 2025

Snowed In: Heat Gravitates (A “Write Place Retreat” Romance)

Erotic sci-fi author Vivienne “Viv” Rowan’s agent whisks her out of Manhattan in an effort to thwart the stalker that has been terrorizing Viv. But Viv isn’t prepared for Adirondack winter weather or for her attraction to Paxton “Pax” Benedict, a true-crime author who is in the area investigating a cold case that had stumped his famous investigative reporter father several decades earlier.

This story is for you if you like: forced proximity, stranded, secret identities, protector, professions, stalker, victim, woman in peril, workplace, fish out of water, spanking.


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