Beating the Febru-Wearies

Although I am a February baby, the second month of the calendar year is my least favorite month.

Here is a list of things it has going for it:

  • Only 28 days long this year
  • Hours of daylight are gradually increasing
  • It’s the last full month of “official” winter (vernal equinox is in March)
  • Several family birthday celebrations (not including mine)
  • Pitchers and catcher report for spring training. (Opening day isn’t far behind!)
  • I’m re-releasing the first of my steamy baseball romances at the end of the month.
  • Check back here next week for preorder links.

First up is MISSING THE SIGNS (original title was SUMMER FLING.)

The sexy pitcher was just a summer fling. Now he’s back and wants a second chance.

But he has no idea who I really am. Or the trouble he’s causing.

Who ghosted whom?

He left, but I always knew where to find him.

I never even told him my real name.

Now Win Winston is rehabbing an injury in the minor league city where I live. He’s exposed my secret identity to my family and wants to pick up where we left off.

I don’t think so.

So what if I attend every home game—I’m a season ticket holder. And my road trips to games in nearby cities when Win is in the line-up? Coincidence.

I’ve worked too hard to reclaim my place in my family. My sisters need me. I’m still coping with my mother’s death. Dad is pressuring me to marry a man of his choosing. I don’t have the time or energy to cater to Win’s ego. Or his guilty conscience.

Besides, his team could recall him at any moment.

Been there, done that, have the scar to prove it.

I’m shaking him off, but he keeps missing the signs.

(Previously published as Summer Fling, this book is a steamy, full-length stand-alone novel intended for readers 18+.)






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