My Sense of Scents

I was lucky that COVID didn’t mess with my nose. Or tastebuds. But one thing I’ve noticed over the past several years is that there are scents I cannot smell–even pre-COVID.

Peonies are a great example. I love peonies. After we bought our house one late February (still winter in upstate NY), exploring the grounds after the snow melted was an adventure. I was excited to find two peony bushes. I knew peonies came with ants. As far as I know, it’s a fact of life. I’ve always heard that the ants had to eat the wax seals on the buds in order for the blossoms to bloom. Old wives tale? I don’t know.

Freshly picked bouquet of peony flowers on display at the farmers market

The thing I was surprised to learn was that they are fragrant. I can’t smell them. But I’ve read that they smelly sugary. I see “peony” listed as one of the scents in candles. You could have fooled me. Maybe my spring nose is overwhelmed by lilacs.

This winter, I have been burning scented candles while I work. Because I’m writing forced proximity romance (snowed in!) I purchased candles with the appropriate names of Drifting Snowflakes  and Sparkling Snowfall Lovely concepts. But I can’t smell them. Which disappoints me. I also have a problem with a candle called Plot Twistalthough my nose seems to be getting better at identifying it. Two of my favorite scents are Balsam Woods and First Draft. There are many other concept scented candles by Novelly Yours that I can’t wait to try. Some are also “location” candles: National Forest and Ski Resort are two that intrigue me.

I probably won’t burn scented candles come summer. The fans (window and ceiling) will annoy the flames.

If you like to burn scented candles, what are your favorite scents?


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