Winter Weary Highways

I keep reading where driving is getting more dangerous. Road rage? Legalized pot? Distracted driving? Complacency behind the wheel? All of these contribute to the problem. But there’s something else that isn’t being mentioned.

I can’t stay in my lane if I don’t know where the lane is. Especially this time of year. The lines and dashes that mark the roads are camouflaged by snow. That’s right. They’re white. Just like the stuff falling from the sky. Other roads have markings in school bus yellow, but that is still difficult to see in the winter. At least in the northeast United States.

Why can’t lines and dashes on roads be painted a vivid, neon, Day-Glo, fluorescent red? A shade more luminous than that left behind by roadkill. Or a better hue of orange than school buses sport? Snowplows help, but they can’t be everywhere all at once. If the markings were done in eye-catching color then drivers could say, “Oh, there’s my lane!” or “Oh! There’s the edge of the pavement!”

I do understand that maybe red won’t work for colorblind people. But orange should. White just doesn’t do the job.

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