Getting Joyful: A Crystal Quest

Last year, I was introduced to the book, JOYFUL: THE SUPRISING POWER OF ORDINARY THINGS TO CREATE EXTRAORDINARY HAPPINESS by Ingrid Fetell Lee. The book reinforced many things I already instinctually knew. It explained to me why I wanted my office painted yellow (more than a year after I went for Benjamin Moore’s “Sunshine” on the walls).

The author claims there are ten aesthetics of joy:

  • Energy (vibrant color and light)
  • Abundance (lushness, multiplicity, and variety)
  • Freedom (nature, wildness, and open spaces)
  • Harmony (balance, symmetry, and flow)
  • Play (circles, spheres, and bubbly forms)
  • Surprise (contrast and whimsy)
  • Transcendence (elevation and lightness)
  • Magic (invisible forces and illusions)
  • Celebration (synchrony, sparkle, and bursting shapes)
  • Renewal (blossoming, expansion, and curves)

I literally felt every one of these deep inside my body. Aside from painting sunshine on my office walls (Energy), I wanted to make the room even more joyful than it was. I’d already gotten rid of clutter to improve the flow (Harmony). I had a green plant (Renewal). I keep lots of glittery things around me (Celebration).

Play seemed to be next for me. Spheres, circles, balls.  I looked around and saw that I had already started.

Magnetized wooden ball as part of a paperweight
Fluorite sphere: lots of metaphysical attributes
A wolf snow globe gift from my husband when I published my first werewolf book.

Then I searched through my things and found:

A purple glass sphere that I love to handle & watch the band of light in the center. I have no idea what it is, except I purchased it years ago in a metaphysical shop.
Moqui Marbles: I completely forgot I owned these. Allegedly good for grounding, energizing and cleansing.

So I had a lot spheres, circles, bubble-shapes, and balls in my writing environment. But I got it in my head that I need a crystal ball.

The metaphysical shop I used to frequent years ago is long gone. So naturally, I got on line to see what my area currently has to offer.  Come to find out there is a crystal store in the Maul, a place I avoid as I believe it is a portal to evil. There is another store that looks amazing, but it’s pretty far out in the country and not someplace I want to travel to in winter. But a nearby suburb has three metaphysical/crystal shops. On the same street. Within .8 miles of each other. That is POINT EIGHT. Less than a mile apart.

My daughter, X-Chromo, is also in search of crystals. She went to a psychic fair recently. Said it was dreadful. Only about four vendors were selling merchandise (cash only). The other people were doing tarot reading and such. If she wants her tarot read, she comes to me.

X and I now have a date to go crystal shop hopping. I can’t wait. Anticipation is giving me joy pennies.

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