Adventures at Arby’s

My mom likes Arby’s. After my dad passed a couple of years ago, I started hitting the Arby’s drive-thru and taking lunch to her once a week. The visit to Arby’s is smooth, but sometimes odd things happen as I am leaving.

I had been waiting for my electrician to get back to me. I blogged about it in September 2023. One day, I was pulling out of Arby’s and there he was, stopped at a light. I tried to follow him and did pretty well until I need to turn onto the highway. But the sighting confirmed he was alive and still in business. I did eventually get hold of him (November 2023).

Another time, I left the drive-thru for the street and there was a protest going on. A very bizarre protest. It took me several moments to understand the purpose. Men dressed in pure white cowboy suits…except for bright red splotches on their groin area…stood on the concrete median at the intersection. They held signs. “My body, my choice.” “Circumcision is child sex abuse.” “I want my foreskin back.” Facing the opposite direction were women dressed all in black. Because they were behind me, I couldn’t read their signs. Later that night I looked to see if there was any mention of this on social media or local media, but nothing. Unfortunately, my phone was in my purse and I couldn’t take photos. Maybe I dreamed it.

On another day, I was behind a man in a pickup truck. I saw him pay for his food, take his change…and drive off. When I got to the window, the person there confirmed the man left without his food. I got my order and pulled onto the street. The man in the pickup was stopped at the light in the lane to the left of me. He had his passenger window open. So I unrolled my window and yelled, “Hey! You left your food at Arby’s.” He looked at me, looked down at his empty passenger seat, and swore. Then he asked if he could cut in front of me to get out of the left turn lane. I agreed. He thanked me profusely before he made his move.

I now consider trips to Arby’s to be an adventure.

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