There Ought to be Consequences

After we got our tax refund this spring, I asked my brother-the-contractor to recommend an electrician who was licensed to work in the city where I live. He gave me a name and phone number.

The contractor came to the house. I showed him what needed to be done. My husband spoke to him, too. Later in the week, on a Sunday night when many contractors catch up on their paperwork, I received an estimate. It was a great estimate. To me, emailing an estimate means you will take the job. Part of the deal was for me to purchase the ceiling fans I wanted installed. Which I did.

I accepted the the estimate and let him know the ceiling fans were on site. Then I waited.

And waited. Double checked the estimate to make sure I didn’t need to put money down.

A month later, I reached out via email. And waited.

A month later, I emailed again. Crickets.

If he didn’t want the job, why did he bid on it?

This is not the first time we’ve had issues with contractors. I have reached the point where I think there should be a law protecting consumers from companies who send you estimates then ghost you. Consequences.

In the meantime, I may reach out to the contractor via phone…landline (he only has my cell), my husband’s cell phone, my mom’s phone. My children have cell phones.

I sure could have used those ceiling fans this summer.

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