Consequences: Mind Blown

Remember a few months ago I was complaining that the electrician ghosted me? I finally reached him by phone and we set a date. He showed up. Spent the day either at my house or buying the things he needed to do the work.


He was able to take care of everything on my list except the outside light. But he created a wonderful work-around with motion-detecting lights on both my garage and my patio. No more fumbling to put the key in the lock when I get home after dark.

I have wonderful ceiling fans–replaced in the kitchen and a new in the family room–in place. With LED lights, which make such a difference when it comes to being able to see. (Ouch, my kitchen floor really needs a deep clean.) Does anyone want a crystal wedding cake chandelier, circa 1920? Missing some crystals. Yeah, rehabbers will want to kill me, but I took it down from the family room (intended as a dining room) ceiling. The recessed spotlights in the soffit in my kitchen have been refitted for LED bulbs. The difference is astounding.

The best part of the kitchen work, though, was replacing the fluorescent fixture over the sink that hasn’t worked in at least 20 years. A previous electrician had told me replacing it would involve knocking out the tile backsplash. The ghosting electrician simply replaced the fixture. I cannot believe how much difference having that light again makes.

Perhaps best of all is a job I didn’t get a quote for but sprung on him when he showed up: the electric baseboard heater in our downstairs bathroom barely got warm. For 35 years, we froze our butts off in that bathroom. I asked him to replace the heater all together. No point trying to repair the thing. The difference has been astounding.

My husband isn’t very happy because the lights in his man cave (the family room) are so bright. He had thought we’d have a dimmer or be able to have only 1 or 2 of the 3 lights in fixture on, something that was possible with our old kitchen ceiling fan. I suggested he replace the LED bulbs with lower wattage LED bulbs. It’s really nice to be able to read in the family room, but the room is primarily for watching.

Now all that remains is getting rid of the crystal chandelier.


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