Year: 2023

Nothing In the House to Eat

My husband seems to panic on the weekends when there is no leftover pizza in the fridge. “But what will we have for dinner?” After several decades of marriage, he should know better. I believe in my pantry and my freezer. Here’s the list of dinner options I gave him on Saturday. Please note: these […]

My Sense of Scents

I was lucky that COVID didn’t mess with my nose. Or tastebuds. But one thing I’ve noticed over the past several years is that there are scents I cannot smell–even pre-COVID. Peonies are a great example. I love peonies. After we bought our house one late February (still winter in upstate NY), exploring the grounds […]

A Mixed Bag: 2022 Recap

I retired from my Day Job at the end of 2021, with an eye toward becoming a full-time indy author. Making my life-long dream come true was an exciting move for me. I had so many plans! I completely redid my office–except for the hardwood floors. Before (late 1980s Metropolitan Home chic): After (including new […]

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