Nothing In the House to Eat

My husband seems to panic on the weekends when there is no leftover pizza in the fridge. “But what will we have for dinner?” After several decades of marriage, he should know better. I believe in my pantry and my freezer.

Here’s the list of dinner options I gave him on Saturday. Please note: these are only the things I was willing to cook.

  • Chili/side salad
  • Black beans & rice/side salad
  • garlic pasta/side salad
  • burgers & fries
  • hot dogs & fries
  • chicken quesadillas
  • baked stuffed chicken/mixed veggies
  • leftover tortellini soup

Things I could have made but didn’t feel like monkeying around with:

  • spaghetti beans/side salad
  • spaghetti, meatballs & sausage
  • sloppy joes & fries
  • baked ziti
  • baked chicken/mashed potatoes/stuffing/mixed veggies
  • grilled cheese sandwiches/side salad
  • pancakes and breakfast sausage
  • Mexican lasagne
  • stuffed shells

Yeah, there’s a lot of “side salad” on these lists. I had a bag of lettuce I wanted to use before it liquified.

So it’s not so much that there’s nothing in the house to eat as much as there is nothing in the house he wants to eat. Big difference.

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